about me

I've always loved music and movies.  In the 5th grade I began learning to play the drums.  Around junior high, I began been assisting area photographers, learning posing and the technical aspect of the gear.  During my time at college for drumming, I thought I was going to be Madonna or Billy Joel's drummer (alas, those positions were filled), but I still loved cinema.  One-day a colleague did not show up and I was asked to step-in and film.  I ended up doing a better job than the regular video guy!  Somehow over the next few years, it seems that I liked making movies more than schlepping the drums.

Over the last 25 years I've learned a whole lot from listening and observing life, educating myself in the art of storytelling and cinema, and making sure my technical chops are the best they can be.  Truthfully, I love being a part of happy moments and celebrations and sharing in the excitement and joy.  There is no better job than to witness the joy of two people in love surrounded by generations of their family and friends.  The music, the lights, the traditions!

I call Bucks County my home along with my supporting wife of 20 years and three amazing kids (one set of twins).  I still love jazz music and drumming (electric/fusion), high performance driving with sports cars, and all sorts of new technology/software.

Enough about me...give me a call I'd be happy to talk to you about YOUR celebration.

- Marc