Brûlée Catering at Please Touch Museum

Brûlée Catering at Please Touch Museum

Had a great time meeting quite a few prospects at the 2014 Winter Bridal Open House - Brulee Catering at the Please Touch Museum last night.  Great seeing so many couple choosing this cool venue.  My kids LOVE going there, although they are getting past the target age for the exhibits.  A cool, unique space, and tasty, amazing food, what else could you want?

Thanks to all who came out.  Looking forward to filming even more events there this year!

Brûlée Catering

Please Touch Museum

Rehearsal Dinner

As you are planning your wedding I would love to introduce you to an important and many times overlooked video coverage option.  Many of you are planning a rehearsal dinner.  Although smaller in scope than the wedding day, it is an important time to meet and mingle with out-of-town guests for both families.  While you may be still finalizing plans about the dinner, why not secure video coverage too?

Given a more casual opportunity, friends and family alike tend to feel more comfortable to speak and talk about the couple than the actual wedding day itself.  While the wedding day is reserved for the traditional best man and maid-of-honor speeches, along with parents, the rehearsal dinner is a much more informal setting.  Guests know this.  Touching toasts and funny roasts are always a part of a successful rehearsal dinner.

We incorporate your rehearsal dinner footage on your interactive DVD as an additional bonus chapter.  If you want to be sure and record the thoughts and spontaneity of your family and friends at the rehearsal dinner, you know how important this coverage is.  Thanks for your time.

Oheka Castle Wedding

Oheka Castle Wedding

Amazing Oheka Castle Wedding with my friend Phil Kramer.  Third wedding we've been a part of for this family and proud to be there.  Clip coming soon....


Holocaust Survivor Interview

Sometimes there are stories that just need to be told.  This is one of those situations.

I just finished filming a 2+ hour talk from a Holocaust survivor that was transferred to 6 different concentration camps from 1941-1945.  Immigrating here in 1976 from Russia he spoke of long, hard,  labor and mostly very little to eat.

Look for a short segment to be posted soon if I am allowed, some of the info is personal and emotional.  I thank them for letting me document it.

One thing I will add (and he stressed) is that young people today need to be aware of what the Holocaust was and why it is important to never forget.  If you know a young person, student, or even adult who does not know or fully understand what happened, please educate them on the power of hate and of human rights, relating to that era and how it still impacts us today.

Love Stories

Imagine the guests at the beginning of the reception….the band introduces the bridal party….everyone is anxious.  The audience expects them to announce the new bride and groom....but as the anticipation grows the lights dim instead, and the bandleader announces, “would everyone please bring their attention to the silver screen.”

What comes next is a short emotional story of the couple talking about how they met and fell in love…the real beginning of the wedding story.  As they site in awe the crowd is treated to a feast of dating photos and the engagement story too.

The screen fades out, the lights come up, and the band kicks it into high gear, and the newlyweds are introduced!  Now that is a totally magnificent way to start your party off!  We know what everyone will be talking about.

Often planned as a surprise to parents, (and a nice way to thank them as well) this highlight film also appears as on your wedding dvds.  Many couples have told me that they plan to share these moments with their future children, letting the video tell the story.

A wonderful heirloom or gift.

To be honest, couples tell me this is the most fun they have while planning the wedding.   Instead of making decisions about colors and courses, they get to explain why they love each other.  We’ve included careers and hobbies into the clip.

To tell your story, please call us to schedule a filming date.  This should only take a 1/2 day and should be scheduled at least 2 months before your date.  And I handle all of the  details too, from the screen, projector, and playback.

- Marc Smiler