Your Investment

My fee reflects more than just the time it takes to film the event.  If you're like many of my clients, price isn't the only factor that comes into play when deciding on who will document your event.  Even though your videographer really matters to you, I know that today, getting an incredible value plays a large part in the decision.  You can choose how much to's 100% up to you (my avg is ~$5,500).

Since I'll be working directly with you on your wedding day, I prefer to customize the scope and areas of importance according to your needs and wishes.  Tell me more about your wedding plans and I'd be happy to discuss how we can work together.

You can reserve me with a simple non-refunable retainer.  I will work with you to get you exactly what you need and give you my thoughts based on 20 years of experience  I try to deliver all of my clients work around 4-6 weeks post event.  You should not be waiting a year to view your finished film.

Basic Features

2 Professional Cinematographers
1 Production Assistant
30 minute Wedding Film
Highlight Reel
Posterity Bonus Features
Digital Archive
Digital Download of Film
Online Theater for sharing
Quick Delivery ≤30 days
8 - 12 hours of coverage



Camera Drone
Camera Jib/Crane
Pre/Post Interviews